Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Night Game Cult

NCA: What is the premise of the game?

NGC: To unite people. We believe that any show (be it a rock show, art opening, or any other medium of communication) is a great way to bring people together.....people that would probably never meet under any other circumstance. Even if the people end up disliking the performance, they might just end up making a great new friend.....and we feel that's way more important than ANY performance. But if someone ends up shakin' a tail feather, it definitely makes us feel all the more happy!

NCA: What do you feel when you play?

NGC: Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes elated, sometimes enraged, adrenalized, exhausted, hopeful, scared.......you name it. We guess it just matters what mood we're in at the time. More than anything, we feel like we're at least trying to communicate with people in a different way....at least TRYING to unite people, and that definitely makes us feel GOOD.

NCA: What do you see when you play?

NGC: Nothing usually. :-) We almost always play with our eyes closed and with the lights pretty much out, give or take a candle/black light or two. We'd like to see more people dressing up.....role playing.........playing dress-up is fun!

NCA: What do you think about these days?

NGC: Do you mean what do we think about the state of the world, or what we think about personally? Honestly, we're terrified about the direction everything is going in the "political world". We hope no one blows up the planet over some stupid religious/political belief. We're pretty fucking angry with our government and we don't care if that's a typical stance. See.....we grew up in what is called the "Reagan Blanket" era (the 80's), a time when more money was spent on Defence (Nuclear) Weapons than on schooling. We actually think that most of the politicians in the world should be imprisoned for placing our lives in jeopardy with their so called "weapons of mass destruction"(NUCLEAR FUCKING MISSILES, FOLKS!). Personally though, we're mostly thinking of ways to unite people and destroy the word "genre" forever. We're sick and tired of people hating each other because of what their artistic taste is. Our idea of a perfect touring, Lollapalooza-esque show would be Sade, Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Brittany Spears, Slayer, Justin Timberlake, The Undoing of David Wright, Chamillionaire, and Tom Waits. We want UNITY.....NOW!

NCA: How do you like playing with a CD player?

NGC: Playing with a CD player is great! You can record as many tracks onto as many songs as you want and you pretty much don't have to depend on anyone else......not even the sound-person really. It's fun to karaoke over our own songs and gives us more freedom to jump around and dance! It's just a different type of magic than the magic of playing with others. It's not "better", just different. Oh yeah.....we must say that we owe MUCH thanks to our producer/engineer, Tyler Walker! Tyler rules! :-)

NCA: Why do you think there is still so much apprehension at the idea of an artist using pre-recorded material in a live context?

NGC: We honestly have pretty much no idea as to why there should be any such apprehension. We got the idea from Fischerspooner and think they are AMAZING! Farah Nemat (local performer) got the idea from us. We hope someone else will get the idea from her....and so on. We at THE NIGHT GAME CULT believe that if there is any apprehension to a creator using pre-recorded material in a live context, it's probably because they've been conditioned that you have to be playing your instruments on stage, or you're cheating like The New Kids On The Block or Milli Vanilli did in the 80's. But I think that if The New Kids and Milli Vanilli were just HONEST and told everybody before the show:"Hey guys.......we're gonna be lip-synching this WHOLE show, okay?", then people probably wouldn't give a shit. WE don't lip-synch, by the way :-) , but we do karaoke over our own songs and think it's perfectly legitimate. We love it!

NCA: What does the future hold for The Night Game?

NGC: You know, Jim Morrison said: "The future's uncertain and the end is always near." We think the first part of what he said is true....the future is uncertain, but the second part is simply not true. We're just going to keep trying to spread a message of hope, care, and unity.......and hope that the message spreads like the fucking plague! :-)